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In Search of a Pet? Chow Chows Are Here to Be Your Perfect Fur Friend.

If you want to introduce a new member in your family and that too a furry little one, puppies of the Chow Chow breed will be your fitting choice. The Chow
chow is one of the oldest dog breeds, dating back to almost 3000 years ago. History says that this dog originated from Mongolia and was used to guard the temples in China and hunt. But at present, Chow Chows have potentially turned into the best companion you can have.

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Nature and Behavior:

The temperament of Chow Chow puppies is quite playful and robust. They are substantial and medium-sized dogs who are usually not very outgoing or social. Sometimes Chow Chows can even show signs of aggressiveness with other dogs. They do not tolerate teasing or any abuse either. They may serve as good guard dogs. Sometimes, they even dribble when they are excited.

  • Moreover, Chow chows are-
    Fluffy and adorable
    Alluring and huggable fur
    They get easily attached
    One person dog

Care and Training:

Since they take time to get accustomed even with the owner, it is essential to introduce them to socialization quite early. They do not fancy cold water so kindly refrain from splashing water into the eyes or ears. They are not good breeds to put under anesthesia and be regular with their vaccinations and deworming. They prefer being clean and groomed always. Use a slicker brush to tidy them up once a week. Expect to shade almost twice a year. Bath then once they are eight weeks old, with a mild dog shampoo.