Want a friendly paw friend? Get yourself a Pomeranian

Pomeranians make great exuberant buddies who become your perfect accompaniment. This adorable breed will be your ideal company for any playful activity or even jogs. They are descendants of sledge dogs that belonged to Iceland and Lapland. This is a so-called Spitz dog bred down to become a companion animal. Pomeranians have now potentially turned into the best fur companion you can have.

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Temperament of Pomeranian puppies:

Pomeranians are very extroverted, intelligent and playful. These small furry creatures can quickly melt your heart with lovable and affectionate nature. Pomeranians are very obedient and love to interact. These teddy bear faced furry companions love to nap cosily on your lap and are always willing to be in your gentle embrace. These family dogs are very gentle with children. They are bright and cheerful. They are highly active and aware. They love to move around with a confident gait which fetched them & small dog with a big heart

Points to Remember:

Pomeranians happily embrace being indoors due to their small stature. They constantly keep their owners engaged and amused with the new tricks they pick
up now and then. Their thick, dense coat requires grooming at least thrice a week. Do not bathe them before eight weeks of age. Do give them occasional trimming. Feed it lots of water and ensure that it gets enough play and exercise. Although Pomeranians are low maintenance dogs, they pay special attention to the demanding ones.

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