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Chaia Is Here to Give You a New Life

If you are a dog lover and are looking for puppies for adoption, Happyfamilypet’s home has good news for you. Happyfamilypet’s home puts up various puppies for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a Chow Chow puppy, you can check out Chaia. Chaia is a cute little female Chow Chow puppy who would love to keep you company.

Perks of Owning Chaia:

Chaia is highly intelligent and is independent. but She will make a loyal and protective companion for their owner and family. Chaia has a lion-like appearance because of the hair around her neck. She is a bit aggressive with other dogs. You have to be careful with Chaia if you have kids at home. Chaia is potty trained, has her regular checkups done by the vet from nose to tail, and has up-to-date vaccinations and deworming. In other words, Chaia is groomed to be taken into any new home without causing any nuisance. Chaia is very active and playful, and thus Chaia will keep you engaged throughout the day besides uplifting your mood.

How to Train Chaia?

Training Chaia can be a challenging task. Start with some short and reward- based tricks. And then, eventually, you can win Chaia over with love. Chaia may face health problems due to her physical characteristics and body shape. This can be ectropion & entropion due to small eyes, snoring and forced breathing, overheating due to thick hair, etc. Kindly have a calm and soothing environment at home if you are looking forward to welcome Chaia.