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Little furry Drake is all you can ever want.

Are you looking for puppies for adoption? Are you interested in purchasing or knowing about puppies for sale? If yes, it means you are eager to welcome a new fur friend. Adding a new canine member to your family brings tremendous joy, and hence, perhaps Drake, a male Golden Retriever puppy, will be a good choice.

Know More About Drake’s Behaviour

Being a golden retriever, Drake loves to cuddle. He loves being clingy, and to be honest, the owner will find his clinginess very adorable because of his cute size and fluffy statue with his silky smooth blonde fur. His steady like
appearance will melt your heart at very first sight and will make you fall in love with him. He loves to show affection by licking your face or extending his cute little paws, expecting you to hold them. When he gets very excited or sees someone he loves, he wags his tail very swiftly. Drake is knowledgeable and will pay attention to whatever you teach him or whatever activities you do throughout the day. That way, Drake will very easily perceive any change in your mood. Drake would make an excellent companion.

How to Train Drake?

If you put in your time, effort and love by giving Drake the attention and exercise he demands on deserves, your training sessions with Drake will pay off. Drake is straightforward to train and is very obedient. Drake loves practices; hence it is advisable to dedicate a little bit of playtime with him every day.