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Rusky Will Be Your Appropriate Companion.

It is hard to find puppies for adoption or puppies for sale. However, Happyfamilypet’s home has reduced this hefty task by bringing in front of you some adorable cute puppies for you to adopt. Rusky, a male Pomeranian puppy, is one such adorable puppy up for adoption. Happyfamilypet’s home is a famous puppies supplier, and hence we can proudly say that Rusky will perfectly fit, by all margins, in your required standards.

What Kind of Behaviour Does Rusky Exhibit?

Being a member of the Pomeranian breed of dogs, Rusky is very active and playful. Rusky is highly sociable and loves the company of humans. Your lap will be his favourite cosy sleeping place. His small stature will make him easy to hug or pet. Rusky may be small in size, but his gait and confidence are unbeatable. He is almost 10 feet tall but on the inside. He has a huge heart and can excel in competitive exhibitions if appropriately trained. They are very good with children.

Nevertheless, due to his miniature size, he tends to get easily defensive. Besides being feisty and loyal, Rusky is the owner of a very sharp mind. Rusky is very obedient and will make an excellent alert dog due to his excessive barking tendency. Rusky is an amenable dog.

How to Win Over Rusky’s Heart?

Rusky will highly appreciate tricky tasks. Good toys and a warm blanket is what it takes to lighten his mood. Rusky is easy to train. Rusky will love daily play sessions. A weekly brush and bath will also not be frowned upon by him.