Have gotten two black micro Poms from Mike!!! They are the absolute best!!!! Will always do business with them. They are worth every penny.

Natasha Cecchini

I have purchased 2 puppies from this site. I love them dearly, they are so much fun and loving. One is a little girl the other a little boy. They are full of personality! They are both so smart. This is the place I will go anytime I want to add to our family.

Gabriel Lora

Ashely and Mike gave me not one, but TWO of the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen. The quality of their babies far exceeded my expectations. I literally can’t go anywhere without getting stopped by everyone who sees them. Personally, there’s nobody better in this business and I will ALWAYS refer them to anyone who asks. I’m beyond grateful for this company. Thank you guys so much!

Carole Gray

Thank you for giving me the love of my life baby ruffles is the best boy and he’s healthy and happy and loving his new home thank u thank u thank u I couldn’t have asked for a better dog and better service !!

Marlene DeHaven

I love this company,very honest to customers and very nice when I need help ,I’m buy 2 puppy’s from My Puppy Shop ist BRIETTA and 1 is valenrie ,they are so cute and beautiful very so happy to have them and I want to thanks a lot for Premier Pupps company to help me with any thing I need 🙂

Kristina Walker

Bought a red micro mini poodle (“Tiffany”) for my mom for Christmas, and she is beyond in love with this baby!! Also our local vet did a complete check as soon as we picked her up from the airport, and a week later, and stated numerous times how impressed she was with the quality and health of the pup! Will definitely be a return customer!!

Patti Everett

I received my pom Sept 2017. I was very happy with this whole process. Ashley and Mike make it so easy for me. I will recommend them to all my friends to get their puppy from My Puppy Shop.

Nigel Hard.